How to replace Hard Drive for Dell XPS L502X

Today in the shop I replaced a failing Hard Drive for a Dell XPS L502X. This guide wil help you disassemble your laptop so that you can access Hard Drive, also Keyboard and CMOS Battery if needed. Hope this helps you.

Normally laptop Hard Drives are located under a panel at the bottom of the laptop or even sometimes in a slide out sleeve on the side. Not the case with the Dell XPS L502X! Though it may require you to disassemble a small section of your laptop its something you can accomplish on your own with just a small screwdriver and a plastic pry tool. With that said lets start. This guide also will show you how to disassemble Dell XPS L502X Palm Rest, and CMOS Battery.

Disassemble Palm Rest

First, make sure you have laptop disconnected from power and remove battery. To remove battery you will have to slide TAB til battery pops out of place. From there you can lift battery out.


Once you have the battery removed you will see one single screw under battery. There will also be 4 screws lining back panel, we will want to leave those alone. Remove screws will also want to push both clips back so that it loosens Palm Rest, (Not needed but will make removing Palm Rest a little easier)

20160328_115739With screw removed turn laptop over and open lid. Next we will remove Palm Rest. To do so, using your thin pry tool, lift a small section of palm rest til outer edge lifts then with pry tool continue along the outer edge to remove.



Once you go around edges the Palm Rest will release. Remove slowly because there are 2 ribbons you must remove before completely removing Palm Rest.


Now You have Palm Rest removed you will notice a few other repairs you can handle. Things like:

  • Power Button – To remove release ribbon then remove 2 screws holding it in place20160328_115057
  • Touch Pad – This maybe a little tricky to remove. If replacing Palm Rest most will come with Touch Pad but if you need to replace just this part remove screws holding brace in place. Next remove all ribbons connected to board. You will need a Heat Gun to apply small amount of heat to soften adhesive holding pad to Palm Rest. Take your time, its stuck on there good. 20160328_115102
  • Hard Drive – To remove Hard Drive remove 4 screws holding caddy in place the slide Hard Drive out from connector. Do not lift Hard Drive til you have it off connector.20160328_111704
  • CMOS Battery – Simple to remove by gently prying out of place 20160328_115007
  • Keyboard – To remove Keyboard loosen both clips above Keyboard, lifting small amounts after each clip is loosened the slowly raise keyboard and remove 2 ribbon connectors.20160328_11493420160328_11492920160328_114846

I hope guide was helpful with your repair. Below are a couple of links for more repair How to’s for your Dell XPS L502X.


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