Acer VA70 Repair

Today in shop I was able to service an ACER VA70 Laptop computer. Laptop was brought to me because the dc jack was pushed back preventing proper charger contact. At first sight there looks to be nothing wrong but when you connect charger you can feel it being too loose. ACER VA70_9I will give you a brief over view of how to disassemble to get to dc jack.

First be sure to remove charger and battery before attempting to open any laptop.

ACER VA70_10Remove Hard Disk Drive (to be safe)

Once all screws removed flip laptop over and carefully open Laptop to access keyboard. Be careful because the palm rest is in 2 parts.  The lower part lifts up and is connected with a small ribbon. ACER VA70_6Once removed there is one screw holding keyboard in place. Remove screw then keyboard can be removed. ACER VA70_4



ACER VA70_1In this case the bottom casing was damaged preventing dc jack to stay in place, so bottom casing needed to be replaced. Of course there is more to disassemble to get to the board, but i would recommend bringing your device in to be looked at by a tech to prevent motherboard damage.

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