How to Replace Hard Drive on Dell Inspiron One 2330

Here is another All In One Hard Drive replacement guide. Like in other guides it is very simple to change or upgrade your hard drive on an All In One.

Today I will show you how to disassemble your Dell Inspiron One 2330 so that you can change or upgrade your hard drive. Also in the guide I will show you how to get to other parts excluding Motherboard and screen.

This customer delivered All In One without Prop Stand.

  • To remove stand, lay face down on a soft surface then unclip and remove cover over stand mount. With cover off remove 4 screws holding stand in place then remove. You should have this when done.20160411_111805
  • Next remove 4 screws at the bottom of display¬†20160411_111758
  • Next we can remove back cover. To remove use small pry tool to lift bottom section then slowly work your way to the top on both sides20160411_11182320160411_111931
  • From here you can see different components. The Hard Drive is in the middle, but is protected by a shield. To remove there are 9 screws to remove. After removing all screws lift shield out and away from base.20160411_11201320160411_11201720160411_11203220160411_112342
  • Next remove wires along hard drive caddy. Then remove one screw holding hard drive in place, remove and slide hard drive from base the remove connector.20160411_11240520160411_11235020160411_113147
  • With caddy out remove 4 screws holding hard drive in place then remove20160411_113154

I hope these steps where helpful with your hard drive change or upgrade. These All In One Desktops look scary but isn’t anything more than screws and clips holding everything together like any other computer. Just take your time with your repair and it will go well. Good Luck!

  • RAM – To remove RAM you will have to remove small netted cover to right side after back cover is removed20160411_11364020160411_113645
  • CD ROM Drive – Located on the left side, can be removed by removing 2 screws holding drive in place. Slowly slide out and remove connector before completely removing drive.¬†20160411_11370920160411_113712